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Friday, July 3, 2009

Palin Won't Seek Re Election

Breaking news from Alaska...

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has told associates that she will not seek re-election next year, freeing her to pursue a White House bid in 2012, according to two GOP sources.

Palin is to make her decision known later this afternoon from her home in Wasilla with her husband, Todd, and family by her side.

By not running for re-election, Palin liberates herself from the political constraints that come with running for president while still in elected office.

Leaving office at the end of next year,

Obviously, it's now all but certain that Palin will run for the Presidency in 2012. This is also what I recommended she do if she were to run.

(UPDATE) Fox News is reporting that Palin won't merely not run for re election but will step down as Governor later this month.


Anonymous said...

This is the bestnews this week!

I have argued with you previously that Palin would NOT make a good President and that your belief she ccould an run was totally unrealistic.

Today I feel vindicated and breathe a sigh of relief for America that this woman isnt going to get near the Presidency.

And you are to get down on your knees, say sorry, and beg foro forgiveness for ever being so deluded and having so much blind Palin love to believe it was possible

Amen brother,

mike volpe said...

I don't make predictions, usually, almost four years out. If you know something about Palin's future then let us all in on it. If you think you know what she will and will not do, you are out of your mind. Like I said in my piece, speculating about her motives and future is silly and unnecessary at this point.

She could make a good president. She still can. If you feel vindicated because she has resigned from being Governor of Alaska, then it sounds as though you have too much time on your hands.

I laid out how she could have a path to the presidency. Nowhere in that path was there resigning from the Governorship, though not seeking a second term was in there.

Jason Gillman said...

I would trust she has the best plans for her and her family. Appropriately, THAT comes first.

A few years ago, I asked a former tribal chief how he felt about his recent defeat in an election. He replied "It was truly liberating, I can now get some things done."