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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Torture Controversy

My cohort from Watcher of Weasels, Rob Miller of Joshua Pundit, has his first piece up on the American Thinker, and it's called the Torture Controversy.

Amidst the huge controversy surrounding the story on the so-called torture memos, the bedrock issues are being almost entirely ignored in favor of political theater. And the potential for harm is enormous.

After promising not to indulge in revenge politics like some downscale banana republic after a change in leadership, President Obama suddenly decided to do exactly that, opening the way for prosecution of Bush Administration officials based
on the release of some previously classified memos regarding what are referred to as 'enhanced interrogation techniques' like waterboarding.

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Anonymous said...

What is going on is that the Obama administration is using the MSM to create an emotional ground swell against the interrogation techniques used by the Bush administration to cause the public to demand investigation of Bush. Using this technique allows the Obama administration to state that it is the people demanding the investigation, not them.


mike volpe said...

He may be trying, but if he is, it isn't working. The folks have no stomach to reach back and hyper analyze what Bush did or didn't do in 2002-2005 to protect us. if this is his plan, he gives the folks far too little credit. They understand the world is gray not black and white. The folks understand that these decisions weren't easy, and that Bush made them to protect the nation. That is what the polling is saying.

Anonymous said...

Let's "hope" so.