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Friday, April 24, 2009

Shocking Accusation On Last Night's Factor

On last night's factor, Bill O'Reilly made this shocking accusation.

Here is a summary. The whole entire NBC family, owned by General Electric, has been by far the most pro Obama network for a long time now. General Electric has been faltering ever since Jack Welch was succeeded by Jeffrey Immelt. The NBC family has been losing money for years. Furthermore, their finance divisions, GE Capital and the now defunct WMC Mortgage, have created billions in red ink. Right now, the company is heavily lobbying the administration for bailout funds. The stock is down near 70% since he took over nearly a decade ago.

President Obama is looking to attack climate change. His signature legislation is cap and trade.
GE, according to the Washington Examiner, has set up a joint venture called Greenhouse Gas Services, which would invest heavily in carbon credits. As such, this venture would stand to be the beneficiary of billions in revenues if cap and trade passed. Also, following some critical commentary by CNBC headlined by the Santelli rant, Immelt and NBC boss, Jeff Zucker, went to their headquarters themselves and told the staff to knock it off. Santelli says that he was sent to a "re education" camp.

Furthermore, O'Reilly didn't mention two other things of note. First, the NBC family has been pushing heavy on green technology and Jeffrey Immelt has been named a member of Obama's Economic Advisory Board.

If you live around me, this should all seem very familiar. This is standard issue Chicago politics in its "finest". This is exactly the sort of multi layered conflicts of interest that have made Chicago famous for being corrupt. We have a corporation that on the one hand makes a point of providing favorable coverage for a politician. On the other hand, they ask for not only money but help push a bill that would put them in line to make billions.

Of course, the real story is that outside of the Factor and the Examiner, no one is covering this story. For a comparison, just think about how much media coverage we saw about the possible conflicts of interest between the Iraq War and Dick Cheney's former relationship with Halliburton. Here we have the same kind of conflicts and yet the media is totally silent. In fact, everything I just reported is fact. The only question is whether or not there has been a specific quid pro quo taken. The only way to know that is to investigate that further. Yet, the media in its entirety is sitting quietly. We have a significant indication that a powerful media company and the President of the United States are locked in an extremely corrupt quid pro quo and no one in the media cares. This is how low we have sunk.


rachel said...

This will come as NO surprise to most of us.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean that Rick Santelli and CNBC have also been heavily promoting Obama?

mike volpe said...

if you listened to the video, you would have known that following his rant, Immelt and Zucker, boss at NBC, went to CNBC and told the network to quit criticizing Obama. Furthermore, Santelli says that he was sent to a sort of "reeducation" camp after his rant by his employer.

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Great story. Will it have legs?