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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Explosive Political Football Known as the DHS Report on Conservative Terrorist Threats

It appears that only Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs finds nothing wrong the DHS report on conservative terrorist threats. The report speculated that everyone from committed second amendment proponents to returning veterans were potential domestic terror threats. The report was very long on speculation and very short on any data or facts that make these threats any more serious than any threat dreamed up by anyone anywhere in any situation.

For instance, of committed pro life folks are potential domestic terror threats, maybe we should also look at anyone that spends far too much time in traffic. Who hasn't thought about blowing things up in the middle of a serious traffic jam? We should also consider all those that are unemployed domestic terror threats. After all, who knows what the impact of a few months without a paycheck might be on someone's psyche? Let's not forget anyone who has recently had their heart broken. I know of at least two females that have put me on the edge of becoming a terrorist.

The problem with the report is two fold. First, it is blatantly biased. It singles out conservative thought as those with the potential of terrorism. Second, there is absolutely no data, no evidence, and no facts to back up these theories. It's all entire speculation much like my speculation of traffic rage.

Here's the real problem. You already know this. Everyone knows this. The real problem is that not only is this report blatantly biased and blatantly incompetent, but it's blatantly obvious to everyone that its both. Almost no one, short of Charles Johnson, is defending this. Now, Republicans are making hay of the issue. Secretary Napolitano has already apologized, and this issue still has some teeth.

So, the Obama administration looks like they are politicizing terrorism and they look like amateurs. Worse yet, it's obvious to everyone. Furthermore, this sort of nonsense is really adding up in a startling way. There are five nominees with tax problems. Obama just nominated the far left hater, Rosa Brooks, to the Defense Department. Multiple gifts have been fumbled. He bowed to the King of Saud.

If the economy picks up none of this will matter. That said, the administration has made unexcusable mistakes the norm, and it really looks as though they simply don't know what they are doing on a lot of very basic things. The DHS report is the latest in a long line.


Anonymous said...

The conservative argument seeks to suppress and subjugate two rather unfortunate facts: while only a tiny number of conservatives and veterans are members of hate groups, nearly all hate groups do indeed follow far-right ideology. And they do covet members with military experience.

Anonymous said...

If veterans are dangerous because of Timothy McVeigh, why aren't Muslims dangerous because of Osama bin Laden, Mohammed Atta, et. al?

Anonymous said...

That is absurd. There are plenty of organizations that are full of hate and follow left-wing extremist ideology. Yet that doesn't mean I'm going to tar and feather all liberals and leftists as potential terrorists.

Anonymous said...

"nearly all hate groups do indeed follow far-right ideology. And they do covet members with military experience."

It depends on how you define "hate groups." A lot of left-leaning organizations hate conservatives. Heck, the Democratic Party hates conservatives. Moveon hates conservatives, as well as Republicans. They don't seem to be interested in those with military experience, though.

Anonymous said...

Obiviously Anonymous1 is ignorant of their parties history and doesn't know that the KKK was the terrorist wing of the DEMOCRAT party? Look it up kiddo and realize that you have been lied to over and over!Yep George Wallace was a democrat!

malcolm said...

Anonymous1 simply defines "hate" as a synonym of "conservative" and not having any other component.