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Sunday, March 22, 2009

From Messiah To Hack in 100 Days?

A month and half ago, I predicted this would happen earlier. There are those folks out there that have always believed that President Obama was a hack and his entire persona was nothing more than a media creation. Now it appears, a series of events will speed up a process some of us thought would take years not months. Make no mistake, while President Obama would be the biggest loser, the American people would be great losers as well as he would become nearly impotent in domestic policy.

Right now, events are getting out of his control and unless the president gets ahead of them soon, he will get past the point of no return. His problems are so layered that its hard to pin their beginning. Most of them center around his Treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, however Geithner is part of his larger problem involving his nomination process in general. The process has lead to high profile disasters like the nomination of Tom Daschle and those the media ignored like the nomination of Chas Freeman to head the National Intelligence Council. While several of his nominations have wound up in disaster, the Treasury department has has only one appointee that has been confirmed. (that being Geithner himself)

Geithner has now become toxic himself. His entire term has become one in long series of positions in which President Obama is now stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place. Everything else being equal, I think that Obama would rid himself of Geithner. Of course, everything is not equal. Geithner is not merely some obscure Secretary. Instead, he is the face of the effort by the administration to turn around the economy. Furthermore, the president pronounced that Geithner's tax troubles must be overlooked because he was a one of a kind and uniquely qualified individual. Dropping him now is likely something that Obama can't afford. Instead, he will face a constantly growing chorus of pundits, politicians, and other media calling for him to fire Geithner.

Then, there is the great distraction of the AIG bonuses. It is a great distraction for the Obama administration along with the politicos in D.C. in general. The whole city has been paralyzed unable to do or talk about anything else besides these bonuses. Obama's entire domestic policy has been put on hold until this is resolved. Resolving it is no easy task. So far, we are in the process of finger pointing. Getting the bonuses back is a much harder thing to do. Besides some hokey idea for a punitive and onerous tax, the Congress has limited power to take back something they themselves authorized. Of course, like I said, until this is resolved all other things are left to the back burner.

As such, President Obama's entire domestic agenda hangs in the balance of just under $200 million worth of bonuses. Meanwhile, the Congressional Budget Office has run its own numbers, and their conclusion is that President Obama's budget will lead to larger deficits than even President Obama's own projections called for. With both politicians and voters already uneasy about the rising deficits, these new projections have put his entire agenda in jeopardy. Now, even his Democratic colleagues like Kent Conrad, the Senate Budget Committee chairman, has now stated publicly that Obama's budget must be scaled back.

So now, with confidence in his administration and its architect, Tim Geithner, starting the wane, the administration still has big tasks ahead. It has still not proposed any plan for all of these "toxic assets". That plan will come out this week. The point man on this plan will be the aforementioned Tim Geithner. It will involve a private/public partnership. Now, imagine how motivated any private company will be to get into bed so to speak with the government, after witnessing the populist class war set against them this past week (after the AIG flap).

So, what President Obama has found himself in is a series of situations in which he is stuck in a no win situation. His entire agenda is held hostage to a series of distractions that may stoke outrage but are of little economic consequence. Yet, he is ultimately nearly paralyzed until they are resolved. He is stuck with a Treasury secretary that almost no one has any confidence in. Yet, getting rid of him brings with it just as many problems as keeping him in place.

On Monday, the O'Reilly Factor will run a segment asking whether or not President Obama is in over his head. Don't expect the rest of the MSM to follow too soon. Don't forget these questions to go away either. The president continues to personally be popular, but most presidents are at this point. No president has seen his popularity disintegrate the way his has outside of Jimmy Carter. Worse yet, his policies are very unpopular. Very few people have confidence that his policies will be successful, and nothing he has done so far has made that notion anything but correct.


Anonymous said...

april 1st is coming real soon

it should be obama's holiday

yochanan of lgf

rcephd said...

"His entire agenda is held hostage to a series of distractions that may stoke outrage but are of little economic consequence. Yet, he is ultimately nearly paralyzed until they are resolved"

I think you have totally missed what is going on here. "Community organizer" Obama has deliberately stoked the resentments of the people, to distract them from his real domestic agenda which is going full steam ahead behind the scenes in collusion with Pelosi and Reid, to wit: the destruction of private wealth and imposition of a ruling socialist government.

Ashan said...

The One is also intentionally decimating the American middle class. He wants us all to be his adoring, impoverished serfs, replete with begging bowls.

He is alienating America's allies and trying to bear-hug it's fiercest enemies.

I pray that he will not last his full term. Even another month of this can bring disaster on our heads. I am really looking forward to the impeachment hearings and hope that they pass swiftly.

Anonymous said...

From: The Oval Office
To: The American People
Subj: You screwed up! You trusted Me.

Dear American People,
Since I have no executive experience other than running election campaigns for the next higher office and some light community organizing skills, You really have no one else to blame but yourselves for my now proven lack of ability to get a firm grasp on the reigns of power here at the White House.
It had become clear to me after about forty days, that the responsibilities of the highest office in the land were going to be more difficult than my ability to give a smashing stump speech and my 148 days of Federal legislative experience and chiseled pecs and warm embracing smile to handle.
Having never failed at anything in my adult life I cannot bring myself to resign from office so as to save this soon to be once great nation from further harm from my inept administration because Michell recently planted a nice vegetable garden on the grounds and she wants to be around in the fall for the harvest.
I'd like to thank the US Media for helping me to attain and keep my current position by continuing to ignore my many gaffes and thoughtless comments.
I will continue to let unelected/appointed officials make all the major policy decisions while I stay on the campaign trail to do what I do best; fool all you rubes into voting for a hack politician who has no business being a county dogcatcher,nevermind President of the United States of America.

Yours truly,
Barry H Obama POTUS

PS All further criticism will be considered racist hate speech and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,even if we have to make up the laws as we go along.
I can do that you know,because I won!


Anonymous said...

You're still ignoring the major issue. The only thing Geitner and Summers show is that Obama is too much of a Clinton Democrat and not enough of an actual leftist.

Don't agree than perhaps you can explain to me how being too close to Wall Street makes Obama a socialist.

Talitha Halostar said...

Tiny Tim Geithner and Helicopter Ben Bernanke are going to ruin this country. They both need to GO!

bustoff said...

48% of the voters knew Obama was a hack.

The other 52% are just now starting to figure that out.