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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why Is the Texas Medical Board Protecting Dr. Mark Blotcky


Since July, I have chronicled the corrupt practices of Dr. Mark Blotcky, a psychiatrist and expert witness in Dallas. Three witnesses came forward, Dr. Susan Diamond, Katherine Tranum, and Darcy Boatman. Furthermore, several more people left comments in response like this one from Dr. Fred Maese.

I have had a similar experience with Dr Blotcky when he was hired by my ex-wife's attorneys in 5-2007 to testify at Judge David Hantschen's court in Dallas that she had "Battered Woman's Syndrome" during our divorce case involving the custody of our 3 children. He pulled this diagnosis out of a hat even though none of the 4 accepted diagnostic criteria were not met. His supportive evidence came from very brief interviews of the elder children (ages 10 and 11)and her, and reports of the psychologist and psychiatrist that her attorneys had encouraged her to see, without ever corroborating the veracity of such information. The younger child has a learning difference and he can be made to say whatever an adult tells him to say. Daniel, the older one told him he loved me and wanted to spend more time with me. Dr Blotcky would get angry with him or ignore him if he said anything kind about me. The children were very upset that they were being taken to see this guy. He came across in court as an arrogant buffoon and I do not believe the Judge took him seriously. However, earlier in the case he also participated in a hearing against me at Judge
Nicholson's Court(the associate Judge, for the purpose of gaining a protective order against me, which was granted, causing untold pain for both the kids and myself as well as grossly elevating all fees (my case lasted 1.5 years and cost us approximately 2.5 million in legal fees).

The court appointed psychologist in our custody case was Dr Ray McClung, another "Blotcky"! He is an elderly gentleman whose ethics, negligence, incompetence, bias and greed I would be happy to expose. His prejudicial findings and recommendations were so far out there that he also came across as out of tune with the reality of the situation. Another paid "expert", charging whatever he wanted without the Judge making him accountable. In the end he also contributed to increasing the duration of the case and unnecessary pain to the kids and myself. His incestuous relationship with her attorneys (McCurley Law Firm) is hideous.I can tell you so much about what I call "The Sherry Lane Racket". We ended up with shared custody and I have extended standard possession on weekends 2,4 and 5 of each month as well as every Tuesday night for dinner. I love my children , I am a Cardiologist and like Dr Diamond, a huge target for this broken system!

I am considering filing a complaint with the Texas State Board of Psychologists and perhaps a lawsuit. Would this board react differently than the TSBME? What would you recommend? Has this Dr McClung been under the radar before? Thanks for any input, Dr Fred Maese MD FACC.

In the case of Dr. Diamond, Dr. Blotcky "diagnosed" her as having Munchausen by Proxy. This was a rather bizarre diagnosis since he did without ever examining her. No matter because once he rendered this diagnosis as an expert witness in court she didn't stand a chance and lost custody of all her children. In the case of Katherine Tranum, Dr. Blotcky put her son a cocktail of drugs that caused him to gain about 30 pounds over a ten week period when he was nine. In the case of Darcy Boatman, Mr. Boatman, who weighs approximately 270 lbs, was accused of child abuse against his then teen-age son. While this charge was leveled within the family court system, neither Dr. Blotcky nor his partner on this particular case, Dr. Benjamin Albritton, saw fit to report him to DCFS or the police and the D.A. in the area. For all of this, Dr. Blotcky routinely charges anywhere between $200-$400 per hour for his services.

Furthermore, Dr. Blotcky also gives seminars to attorneys in techniques for defending child molestors. In the early 1990's, Dr. Blotcky was employed at the Timberlawn Psychiatric Hospital. While there he dated and married another colleague, Dr. Lisa Crumpton, a child psychologist, who he began dating while she still doing her residency at Timberlawn. As such, he began dating her while he was her professor. On December 8, 1992, Dr. Crumpton committed suicide from a massive dose of Valium and anti-depressants.


Now then, upon publishing these three pieces, Texas Medical Board Watch took up the case of Dr. Mark Blotcky. The organization, headed by Dr. Shirley Pigott (herself featured in this story) filed a formal complaint against Dr. Blotcky with the Texas Medical Board.

The Texas Medical Board has gone through its own upheaval over the last year or so. The head of its disciplinary committee, Dr. Keith Miller, stepped down in September of 2007. (His corrupt exploits are featured here) In private practice, Dr. Miller employs Bridget Hughes, who herself has admitted to forging 50 schedule 2 prescriptions.

Since Dr. Miller left the TMB, the board appears to take its marching orders from Mari Robinson, the interim Executive Director of the Texas Medical Board. Robinson is an attorney by trade and in her thirties.

So far, the email correspondence that I have been privy to have Robinson as the front person in the "investigation" of Dr. Blotcky. The case assigned case # 09-0368 has been assigned to Joan Donley. Donley has been unavailable for comment. Robinson did brief Dr. Pigott on the status of the investigation a couple of days ago.

A thorough review of this matter has now been completed. An investigation was not filed because the initial review provided for in Sec. 154.058 does not indicate that the actions referenced in your complaint fall below the acceptable standard of care.

In other words, the TMB will take no further action against Dr. Blotcky as a result of these stories. Of course, it is difficult to believe that a "thorough review" occurred since none of the victims that I featured were ever contacted by anyone at the TMB. If you are familiar with any of the pieces I wrote, this should come as no surprise. That's because complaints were filed in each of the three cases already at the time each was victimized. In each of these cases, their complaints were similarly dismissed? As such, the only question remaining is why is the Texas Medical Board protecting Dr. Mark Blotcky.


JAMES said...

The accusations against Blotcky sound a bit paranoid, though circumstantially he sounds like a bad guy. The situation I really know more about is Dr. Shirley Pigott. You never mention her leadership position in Victoria Texas American Family Association or her strident anti-abortion activities. She may have an "anti-authoritarian/anti-government" personality or perhaps she is paranoid, not my diagnosis, I'm no doctor. But, that does allow her to fit into, socialize with, "patriotic or conservative" groups here in Victoria, Texas. Rather than confront that directly, your enemies as catalogued in these blogs, used it as a tactic against her. We might call it the Captain Queeg approach. Take care to keep your ship level as you attack these evils.

mike volpe said...

The key is ACCUSATIONS. How many people have to accuse one person of obscene evil before you say it isn't paranoid. I have four stories. Others have left comments. I have spoken with another person. In 1990's, his wife committed suicide. He works with lawyers to protect child molestors. That isn't paranoid, but rather a significant amount of evidence that the man is evil.

I have no idea what being a part of the AFA has anything to do with anything so I am not sure what your point is.

HPDad said...

I agree with Dr Fred regarding Dr. Ray McClung. In my opinion he is motivated by greed. In my custody case he wanted me to agreed to pay him for post divorce therapy for the family. He would use this therapy to evolve the initial custody arrangement. It sounded like a conflict of interest to me and a never ending therapy bill. I refused this arrangement and he gave me 4 hours with my child 1st, 3rd and 5ths, nothing more. That was after his report suggested I should have standard custody. He was obviously irrated that the money wasn't going to keep flowing. I filed a complaint against him with the Texas Board of Medical Examiners, they took no action. I'm a professional, and was very active in my 10 yr old child's life. There was no basis for this decision. McClung worked with Dr. William Olmsted on my case, hired by my ex. That is Dr. William Olmsted the now convicted sex offender and child molster, as reported by The Dallas Morning News, 9-11-09. The Texas Medical Board didn't even take Olmsted's license away. Don't count on the TBME to do anything. I would however file a complaint just so there is a record. I feel sorry for anyone that has had to work with these people.

Anonymous said...

The 254th Court seems particularly prone to corruption. A reveal is coming forward of money exchanged by doctors,lawyers and judges in the form of campaign donations. Follow the money. Start checking out campaign donations.

Anonymous said...

I was a patient of Dr Mark J Blotckey at Timberlawn Psych Hospital from 1981-1983... I am absolutely dying to "spill my guts," to someone who'll listen.AND I have documentation. Lots of it.

mike volpe said...

Please contact me,

Anonymous said...

His wife was my counciler for 3 yrs at Timber lawn and I knew him as well! She was my friend and i miss her very much!