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Thursday, May 9, 2019

On Action Radio Talking About the 2008 Financial Crisis

For more background check out this article

My segment comes about 45 minutes in. 

Sunday, May 5, 2019

David Rucki On Probation When Reunited with Daughters

 (Judge Michael Mayer, he ordered the Rucki girls to live with their father even after they threatened to run)

When the Rucki girls were forced to live with their father, he, David Rucki, was still finishing up probation from yet another incident.

The two Rucki girls were found in November; they spent a couple weeks in foster care before being sent to Rebecca Bailey for reunification therapy. Then they were forced to live with their father.
At the time, he was reunited with his daughters, David Rucki was still on probation for a 2014 road rage incident. Here is the docket from that incident.
Ruck i Roadrage by on Scribd
Here is the road rage incident. 

"Upon arrival we made contact with Suspect 1: Troy Lee Witt DOB. 10/07/1962 who was actively bleeding from the mouth and lips. Witt said he was involved in a road rage incident with Suspect #2, later identified as David Victor Rucki DOB 02/03/1963. Witt stated Rucki cut him off in traffic and admitted to later passing Rucki’s vehicle and ‘flipping him the bird’ before cutting him off in return. Witt said Rucki followed him into Cub Foods and parked his vehicle behind Witt as he was parked legally in the lot. With said Rucki got out of his vehicle and confronted him by the cart coral, where they both exchanged in a verbal altercation. Witt said Rucki pushed him into the cart coral and then returned to his vehicle. Witt said he then pursued Rucki slamming his driver’s door after he got into his car. Witt said he was ‘pretty sure’ Rucki was completely inside his vehicle when he slammed the door, but he stated he could not be positive. Witt said Rucki then came after him and punched him once, knocking him down to his knees. He said Rucki punched him two or three more times and then walked into Cub Foods.”

That incident occurred in June 2014. He was sentenced in December 2014 and placed on probation for a year. That probation included anger management, noteworthy because on 20/20 Elizabeth Vargas asked him if he had anger issues. He of course denied it, but Vargas failed to ask him about this incident, or the anger management he was required to take. 

David Rucki, I'm told, has a compulsion that he needs to eat after getting into a fight, which would explain why he went shopping after pounding this stranger. 

As I previously showed, after being found, the two Rucki girls, Samantha and Gianna, told several people they would run again if placed with their father

"“The girls have indicated to me that they will run, and I have indicated to them that I can’t stop that from happening,” Judge Michael  Mayer said during a November 2015 hearing. 

Mayer still ordered the girls to live with their father; he sent them to reunification therapy first. That therapy was with Rebecca Bailey and I described her in more detail here. 

The road rage incident is one of numerous violent incidents perpetrated by David Rucki. Others includea bar fight,  threatening to kill his in-lawstalking his ex-wife, choking her, and repeatedly violating protective orders.

Despite this documented history, David Rucki received sole custody and the media painted him as the victim whose daughters were brainwashed and ran away because they were convinced falsely that he was dangerous. 

The judge who ordered David Rucki to get sole custody is David Knutson.