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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Suicide Note of Chris Mackney

UPDATE: Folks please check out the new book, Bullied to Death: Chris Mackney's Kafaesque Divorce about this saga. 

Folks, thanks for visiting. I was communicating with Mr. Mackney prior to his suicide. The note only scratches the surface. Please stay tuned. The whole unbelievable story will be revealed soon. As you've noticed, the original suicide note was removed by the website after Dina Mackney, the ex-wife of the deceased, copyrighted it after his death and then sent out notices through her lawyer to have it removed from sites like Scribd. Below is a youtube video of the note being read. Enjoy and feel free to comment. Please no swearing, threats (especially against Ms. Mackney), or other derogatory statements.

This story is long and complicated but it starts with a murder in 1968. Below is the police report into the murder of Sam Degelia Jr. Sam Degelia Jr. was killed by hitman Charles Harrelson at the behest of Pete Scamardo. Pete Scamardo is the father of Dina Mackney and the ex-father-in-law of Chris Mackney, who committed suicide on December 29, 2013.
His note, read on You Tube, is below.