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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Whistleblower TV

I was invited by Pat McDonough again to join him on his monthly CAN TV show. This was much less formal and we discussed a range of issues. I was joined on the show by Emery Joe Yost. Mr. Yost has became a cult celebrity over the last few months at least here in Chicago. He and Pat and a few other friends put together a musical group called the Clout Meisters.

What isn't as well known about Yost is that he's also a whistleblower. Yost works with children with special needs as a music teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. In 2001, he witnessed an individual that he determined to be a predator exposing himself in the vicinity of children. As a teacher, Yost wasn't merely under some sort of a moral and ethical duty to report this exposure. In fact Yost was a "mandated reporter". As such, by law he had to report this or risk losing his ability to teach. That's what he did and so began a near nine year odyssey that to some level continues today. Yost briefly explains some of the things that happened as a result, but I hope to soon tell the story much more fully.

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Clout said...

Thanks for listening, I am learning from you. It's nice to see someone stepping up to the plate. The big media boys have bigger fish to fry for some reason, and the reason is: CORRUPTION! This is real journalism, you are a courageous man.