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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Point Counter Point Weekly Addresses

The president used this particular address to talk about the mass murder at Fort Hood on Thursday. The president said that what makes this tragedy that much more despicable was that the shooter, Malik Hasan, chose the military base, a place of safety, to do his evil deed. Many of the folk at the base were about to be shipped to one of the war zones. Our military expect to put their lives at risk when in the war zone, however the military base is a place where they expect to find safetly.

The president said he's getting constant updates from FBI director Mueller on the progress of the investigation. He will also lower all flags at government office to half staff until Veteran's Day this Wednesday. I'd only disagree with the president on one point. He said he didn't know what drve Hasan to commit this act. I'd say he was overcome by evil.

Governor Haley Barbour, Governor of Alabama, head of the National Governor's Association, and potential candidate for president in 2012, delivered the Republican response. If you want to see a line of attack by Republicans at Democrats, just listen to this address a few times. This one hit all the erogenous points for Republicans.

Barbour touched on the elections this past Tuesday. He called them a "wake up call" for the Democrats and the administration. He said that the "American people are worred about jobs" while the Democrats focus on health care. He called the Democrats' health care plan a "jobs killer". He said it would cost more than a trillion dollars over the next ten years, cut Medicare benefits, raise the cost of health insurance, and put even more pressure on small businesses.

Barbour said it's time to table the health care bill and focus on creating jobs. It's not likely the Democrats will listen but the American people are listening and the polling backs that up.

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