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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mike Volpe and Bobby Knight IV

Michael Gaynor is at it again. He's attacking me for a second straight day, and this article is also published overnight. Once again, it's very long and very difficult to read. So, here's three thoughts.

1) On numerous occasions, Michael Gaynor has recently attacked Nancy Armstrong. Ms. Armstrong tragically passed away in her mid 40's in the summer. She is obviously not here to defend herself and so Gaynor has made a habit of taking potshots at people that are dead and in no position to respond.

With "MsPlaced Democrat" dead, ACORN 8 leader Marcel Reid seems to be stuck with blogger Mike Volpe to front for her.

Nancy wrote on a blog she called MsPlaced Democrat. Gaynor also makes a habit of reprinting emails without permission so this shows again how little class he has.

2) He simply refuses to provide links to any of the articles of mine he quotes. He quotes from no less than three articles and never gives a link to any of the three. That's simple and standard protocol in blogging and internet work.

3) He calls me obsessed with Michelle Malkin. That's interesting since he'll soon write 100 times about Anita Moncrief and Michelle Malkin is near 30 times. Furthermore, he's mentioned the name Marcel Reid several hundred times in the last half year or so. That would be the same Marcel Reid that he claims I am a shill for. So, as it was once said in Friends, "pot this is kettle you're black".

4) Finally, Michael Gaynor appears to speak for Michelle Malkin. (he also appears to be very proud of the fact that Malkin acknowledged in Culture of Corruption. That she did should say all anyone needs to know about that book)

In fact, Ms. Malkin has never asked me to fight any of her battles or to "attack for her." Like her, I write what I choose to write when I choose to write it. Unlike her, I don't have some pervert posting that I am no. 1 of his list of conservatives he most wants to rape or a strange man who admittedly wasn't "cool in school" craving my attention.

Even if hell does freeze over, Volpe should not expect to win any attention from Ms. Malkin.

I'm not sure how he knows that Malkin refuses and will continue to refuse to pay attention to me all while he attacks me viciously and consistently, but as I said, by letting Gaynor fight her battles for her, Michelle Malkin again proves to be a coward. Of course, in reality, Malkin has responded. After I repeatedly pointed out that Moncrief doesn't fit the traditional definition of a whistle blower, Malkin suddenly stopped using that monikor. The last time she referred to Moncrief by her former job title "development associate", which is a lot less flattering than whistle blower. I also pointed out that Moncrief wasn't a major source to any major media but Malkin herself and Gaynor, and since, Malkin has stopped lionizingMoncrief's contributions to the ACORN story. So, in fact, Michelle Malkin has paid me plenty of attention. She's just done it in a cowardly manner.

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