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Monday, November 2, 2009

Karzai the Winner in Afghanistan

Folks aren't even going to go through the motions regarding the Afghan election.

Afghanistan's election commission has canceled Saturday's presidential runoff and proclaimed President Hamid Karzai victor of the war-ravaged nation's tumultuous ballot.

Independent Election Commission chairman Azizullah Lodin announced Karzai as the victor during a news conference in Kabul on Monday.

This is really a total nightmare even though most people don't want to say it. The last election was full of fraud. We'll never know just how many votes Karzai got but there were far too many people that felt that election wasn't legitimate. Now, it's the last election. This makes it difficult, to say the least, for Karzai to build a legitimate government. President Obama was looking at the elections for guidance on troop levels and strategy. That's been thrown into chaos.

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