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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Democrats Vs. the Tea Parties Day 5: Turning the Tables

Things are unfolding largely as I have been predicting. I initially predicted that the Democrats would try and paint the protests at townhalls as largely manufactured. I said that this would a very counter productive strategy. So, yesterday, I said the Democrats would pivot and instead try and characterize them as out of control and as extremists. That's the sort of commentary now coming from a lot of the media.

Not only are anti-reformists showing up, they’re terrorizing legislators with their tomfoolery when they do. Blinded by fear and passion, armed with misinformation and misplaced anger, they descend on these meetings and hoot and holler in an attempt to shut down the debate rather than add to it.

I must say that this says more about them than it does about any forthcoming legislation. Belligerence is the currency of the intellectually bankrupt.

I also said that in the next week or two the town hall confrontations will become less violent and more civil. We're now seeing the beginning of that. (H/T to Hot Air) Here's a clip from a Georgian television news report.

In this clip, it is the doctor who asks a relevant question and it is the Congressman, David Scott, that loses his call and begins to rant uncontrollably and as such disrupt what was a town hall debate. He accuses the questioner, Dr. Brian Hill, of being a plant from outside the district. Of course, as the clip shows, the Doctor is from the district and asked a question during the Q&A. It is the Congressman that loses control and begins to turn the debate into a shouting match.

The second clip is from the O'Reilly Factor guest hosted by Laura Ingraham. In this clip, she interviews a gentleman that attended a St. Louis town hall debate in which he attempted to pass out anti Obama paraphenalia. Then, he was confronted by someone wearing an SEIU shirt, called a racial slur, and assaulted.

This is what I predict will happen over the next week or two. The same town hall protestors that the left is trying to portray as violent, extreme, and even racist will wind up calming down and act more civilly while the other side will grow combative and more violent as the pressure on them ratchets up.


For all Chicago area readers, the only town hall I have been able to confirm is being held by Jan Schakowsky at Niles West High School on August 31st at 6:30 PM.


Eric said...

None of these events had become violent until the teleprompter's brain put out the call to hit back twice as hard. The childlike union thug intimidators did what they were instructed to do and started beating up old people.

Anonymous said...

It would be easier to convince someone if the video didn't show EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what Gladney alleged.

Anonymous said...

"It would be easier to convince someone if the video didn't show EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what Gladney alleged."

oh please. Who are you trying to convince? Yourself, or your lying eyes?