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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Democrats Vs. the Tea Parties Day 3: The Evolution

The video making the rounds today is this one of Speaker Pelosi.

Speaker Pelosi again repeated the characterization of these townhall confrontations as "Astro Turfers" or organized groups of protesters which are coordinated and well financed. She also claimed that folks that show up to these town hall meetings with swastikas. Now, I haven't seen that and so it appears to be a nast AND erroneous characterization.

The Democrats have decided not to turn back and go full board trying to paint these protests as organized by well funded and nefarious forces. So, the protestors will have to fight back. So, what you are likely to see over the next week or so is that more and more of the folks that showed up at the town halls will start to show up on the media, radio, print, and television.

As such, the people themselves will be able to answer these charges that they are "Astro Turfers". Just imagine that dichotomy. The Democrats will continue to attack personally these folks that show up to town hall meetings and then, the folks that show up on television as ordinary citizens. So, after a week or two of having protestors wind up on the media, it will be clear that they aren't Astro Turfers and the Democrats will be crushed even more.

This thing has evolved rather quickly. It was only two days ago that I predicted that this would happen and already it is the leading story for the second straight day. The videos continue to roll in on confrontations at town hall debates. This one actually occurred at the AARP which supports the bill.

Also, Brad Miller, Democrat of North Carolina, has pronounced that he won't hold any town hall and only one on one sessions. Brian Baird has said he will only hold telephone town halls. I can tell you my two Senators and my Representative have scheduled none so far. So, will Democrats simply hide under their desks for the next three and a half weeks or will they continue to face these angry crowds? That's another way that the story will evolve. I also believe that you will soon see the protestors settle down more as this progresses. That's because after they show enough of these on television I think that folks will start to realize that when the video is full of yelling, screaming, and shouting down that the other side can portray you as unhinged.

Yet, already, the sides have been set on a story that will dominate the news over the next month. The protestors, a product of the Tea Parties, are on one side. The Democrats are on the other side and it will ultimately lead not only to the final nail in the health care coffin but a bruising and bitter end to this debate for the Democrats. Let me leave this piece with another incident of Democrats getting an earful. This comes from a town hall held by Blue Dog Mike Ross, a Congressman from Arkansas.


Dana said...

This entire post is angering and needs to be forwarded to as many people as can read it! I am especially upset about the AARP meeting and the audacity the "representative" there had to treat all those people the way she did. She needs a quick lesson in respect, southern style--after all she WAS in Texas!

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. Mike Ross has been personally leading the fight against health care reform for the Blue Dogs, using RNC talking points the whole way. Furthermore, as a former pharmacy owner, he has had a personal financial interest in making sure this thing doesn't pass. And on top of all of that, HE HAS RAN THE PAST 2 ELECTIONS UNOPPOSED. And they are STILL treating him like he's some Stalinist collaborator!?

As for Dana, "a quick lesson in respect, southern style" sounds an awful lot like a euphemism for lynching.

And finally, Mike Volpe, if you want to believe that these tea bag thugs are the only human beings in this entire country who vote, go on right ahead. But to mention that Brad Miller of North Carolina has decided not to hold town halls and then make it sound like he's hiding behind his desk when the real reason IS BECAUSE HE HAS RECEIVED DEATH THREATS is, frankly, the absolute worst thing I have ever seen you do since I started reading your blog back in November.

mike volpe said...

I am sure that the folks at the town halls aren't the only ones that vote, however they are making thei voices heard now. Those that support health care reform aren't all that excited in their defense.

Mike Ross, I believe, has signed on to the House plan, which is what I believe the crowd was upset about. I didn't actually say why Miller wasn't holding town halls. I just said he wasn't. I don't know why though I am not sure how face to face meetings are any safer. I haven't heard about any death threats though that would be terrible.

That said, if this is the "worst" thing I've said, then I will take that as a compliment.