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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Council Submissions

Council submissions are up.

Council Submissions
Wolf Howling - Europe’s Suicide
The Provocateur - The Definitive Dossier on ACORN
The Razor - The True Agents of Change
The Glittering Eye - Discourse, AstroTurfing, and Organizing
Right Truth - It’s not about race, it’s about government takeover
Mere Rhetoric - Human Rights Watch Shill Has Meltdown – Rants About “Sharanskys Of The World,” Dares Critics To Find “One Incident” Of HRW Bias
Soccer Dad - The fog of war lifted
Joshuapundit - Mirage: Obama’s Middle East Strategy
The Colossus of Rhodey - These folks must have been “un-American”
Non-Council Submissions
Submitted By: Wolf Howling – Brits At Their Best - Is Their Anything We Will Fight To Defend?
Submitted By: The Provocateur – Wall Street Journal - Mrs. Robinson’s Medal of Freedom
Submitted By: The Razor – Victor Davis Hanson - Praire-Fire Anger
Submitted By: The Glittering Eye – Real Clear Politics - New Poster Reveals the Ugly Face of Racism
Submitted By: Right Truth – Catholic News Agency - Obama wants abortion coverage in reform bill, Catholic League charges
Submitted By: Mere Rhetoric – Peggy Noonan - ‘You Are Terrifying Us’
Submitted By: Soccer Dad – Day by Day cartoon - Final Solutions to Free Speech
Submitted By: Joshuapundit – Front Page Magazine - Victor Davis Hansen On Obama’s Bullying of Israel
Submitted By: The Colossus of Rhodey – The Chronicle of Higher Education - The Shame of Academe and Fascism, Then and Now

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