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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is Obama Anti Israel?

President Obama is about to embark on a trip through the Middle East as well as Europe. He will stop in Cairo and make a long planned speech to address the "Muslim world". He will stop in Saudi Arabia as well. He will also swing through Europe and mark the anniversary of D Day. One place he won't stop in is Israel. This is just the latest in a series of actions and comments that raises the suspicion that this president is becoming anti Israel.

Those that knew about Obama's history back in his days working his way through the Chicago political culture feared this among several potential policy actions. Obama was for years engrained in the South Side of Chicago's culture of support for the Palestinian cause. His friendship with Rashid Khalidi should have raised eyebrows for those that support Israel however Jews voted for Obama overwhelmingly.

The Middle East is complicated to say the least. Pakistan is nuclear and Islamists are constantly on the brink of taking over. Wahhabis continue to spew hate out of Saudi Arabia. Iran is on the brink of a nuclear bomb. Hamas rules part of Palestine. Hezbollah rules part of Lebanon. Yet, President Obama has focused the majority of his statements on the Middle East on the Israeli/Palestinian crisis. Furthermore, he has fixated on stopping Israel from building anymore settlements.

The issue of settlements is one of many that need to be resolved in order to finally get the Middle East to normalcy. Yet, it is peculiar that a president of the United States would make this the number one issue the way the current president has. Furthermore, at the same time, he is treating our enemies, the Iranians, with respect they don't deserve. He has offered multiple olive branches. He continues to push for diplomatic outreach. Just today he has ordered our embassies all over the world to invite Iranians in those countries to enjoy Fourth of July celebrations.

It has been reported that CIA chief Leon Panetta flew to Israel to make it clear in no uncertain terms that an attack on Iran's nuclear weapons would be unacceptable to the U.S. On the same issue, it has also been reported that Obama is characterized as "having made his peace with Iranian nuclear weapons".

Just today, the Washington Post reports that in an interview President Obama even said that Iran has legitimate right to civilian nuclear technology. While this may technically be true, Obama didn't address the fact that Iran has one of the largest oil supplies and that their pursuit of nuclear technology stunts their own energy needs by forcing sanctions.

Now, it should be noted that Obama will also push for normalization of relations between Israel and both Jordan and Saudi Arabia. It will remain to be seen just how Obama will handle things when those overtures are no doubt rejected. Expecting the virulently anti Jewish country of Saudi Arabia to suddenly normalize relations with Israel is a bit naive. If after being rejected by these two nations Obama continues to press Israel to stop settlement expansion, that will be proof positive that Obama is anti Israel.


Anonymous said...

Frankly, I just don't think its possible that someone can become President of the United States without being pro-Israel.

It goes without saying that there is a considerable pro-Israel caucus in each party. Therefore, it stands to reason that each party has their own idea of what constitutes support for Israel, and their own reasons for supporting Israel.

In that respect, I just don't think its fair to say Obama is Anti-Israel just because he doesn't buy in to the conservative vision of the Middle East.

Take Clinton for example. Clinton was the master of using half-assed diplomacy to be able to say "well we tried, now let's bomb them." Until proven otherwise, I don't have reason to believe that Obama will be any different.

mike volpe said...

Well, if you said that someone that sat in the pews of a raving racist for twenty years, knew a former domestic terrorist, and was tied to a corrupt far left group on top of it, you wouldn't expect this person to become president. Yet, he did. So, I don't think that most people appreciate just how radical he is on some issues.

That said. We'll see how he responds when the Saudis reject his plan for normalization of relations with Israel and that will tell the tale of how he treats Israel.

Anonymous said...

But why do the Saudi's need to normalize relations with Israel? They're already Israel's biggest ally in the Arab world, and the status quo works for them both.

mike volpe said...

I don't speak gibberish. So, try and put together thoughts that someone besides you understands.

Anonymous said...

I'm anti-Israel and I don't care if anyone is offffeeeended.

America should not be in the business of taking it on the chin from this tiny country. It's disgusting enough that we're giving them billions in weaponry.

Simon said...

"Furthermore, at the same time, he is treating our enemies, the Iranians, with respect they don't deserve. He has offered multiple olive branches. He continues to push for diplomatic outreach. Just today he has ordered our embassies all over the world to invite Iranians in those countries to enjoy Fourth of July celebrations."

Oh the horror! Inviting them to 4th of July celebrations NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

I say we bomb them unless they can disprove the notion that they are all animals. [And the burden of proof is on them.]

And they certainly don't deserve respect. How dare Obama hold out the olive branch! We are PROUD Americans god-dammit.

mike volpe said...

Let me take each of the last two at once.

First, being anti Israel is fine, but I still don't understand how Saudi Arabia and Israel are actually allies.

As for supporting Israel, given that it's the only democracy in the Middle East, which country should we be allies with. Also, how do we take it on the chin for Israel? Which country should we give weapons to? It sounds like you are anti Israel but you can't really explain why.

As for Simon, way to take what I say out of context. That was merely one of a pattern of things that we have done to reach out to the Iranians. Meanwhile, we are demanding that our biggest ally in the region stop building settlements.

In other words, we are treating Iran with more respect than Israel. Does that sound right?

Simon said...

I don't believe I am taking your remarks out of context. I think it is an accurate description of the basic sentiment coming through in your articles. i.e. Israel is our friend and anyone Arab can and must be our enemy.

Obama has seen blind support of Israel by America hasn't worked.

He is trying something new. Open your mind and give him a chance rather than jumping on it b4 you have given a chance to see if it works.

I would say Obama and is advisors know FAR more about the intricacies of this situation than you do.

Of course that doesn't stop you getting on your soapbox like some shrill little town crier.

mike volpe said...

First, to be accurate, countries aren't friends, but allies. Yes,Israel is our ally.

Most of the Middle EAst is our enemies or at the very best, duplicitous allies like Saudi Arabia. That's not by definition but reality.

In this case though, Iran is our enemy. It's not by definition but action. You aren't aware of the 1979 Embassy hostage takeover? You are unaware of the IED's in Iraq? You forgot about the hostage taking, support for Hamas and Hezbollah? How much does a country need to do before you realize they are your enemies?

Anonymous said...

Ok, Saudi Arabia is the largest economic power in the Middle East. A position upon which it is entirely dependent on the United States to maintain. Its one of the only Arab countries that hasn't attacked Israel in the past. With Saddam out of the way, it is the unchallenged leader of the Arab countries. They have the ability to purchase their weapons from the US and UK even as they skim billions for their leaders while Egypt is reliant upon US aid.

Simply put, Saudi Arabia cares about money more than anything else. I mean they're a clan of bandits for goodness sakes, that's how they conquered the country from the Hashemites. You could make a good case that the Saudis abandoned Islam for Hedonism long ago.

In that context, their antisemitism is absolutely and totally irrelevant as far as geopolitics is concerned. I mean I've heard many conservatives make the argument that the Arabs keep the war between Israel and Palestine going simply to distract their peoples from how terrible leaders they are. Surely you must be familiar with it.

At the end of the day, the best Israel is going to be able to manage in terms of Arab allies are Arabs who are under orders from Washington to be Israel's allies. No country fits that bill better than Saudi Arabia.

mike volpe said...

The best that Israel will manage is Egypt and Jordan which actually maintain diplomatic ties while still spouting anti semitism internally. So, Saudi Arabia is not the best.

Saudi Arabia may in fact be dependent on the U.S. for their wealth but it is the U.S. not Saudi Arabia that is in control. We need oil. This isn't an option. We need it. They have it. If Saudi Arabia wanted to crush our economy, they would significantly slow down oil production.

There are many theories for why this crisis continues and that is one of them. I don't know and no one knows. Ultimately, the crisis is extremely complicated and is a combination of many factors.

I still don't see how Israel and Saudi Arabia are allies. Saudi Arabia funds the mosques that produce wahhabism which produces Al Qaeda, and you say they are allies of Israel.

I also don't see why your anti Israel stance is justified.

You have just laid out a region full of bad people and yet you are anti Israel the one democracy.

Lees said...

It is true that Israel may never have a true ally in the Arab states, but what is needed most is peace in the region. If they can establish mutual respect with the Palestinians, which the have already accomplished with Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and, to an extent, Egypt, then it is already a step forward. The biggest problem in the region is Iran, in its nuclear threat to the region and its support for militant groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. If we can shut off this support, and take away the threat of nuclear destruction, it will prove to be much easier to deal with both the Israelis and the Palestinians, the former not having to fear total annihilation and the latter without any negative influence from anti-Zionist countries in the region.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that finally all is laid bare for all to see that Obama really is ONLY for the Muslims (UMMAH if Americans don't know). The speech he made in Istanbul a few weeks ago only confirm Obama thinks he has a sacred mission. And that is to make infidels, like during the Crusader wars, to be subjugated to Islam. This is the holy mission of Obama. Israel should at all times be ever prepared for any eventuality and not just things at it's word or face-value. Remember the suicide pilots were so dedicated to their cause that they were patient enough to undergo a three year flying course in America just so that they can steer jumbo jets accurately to hit WTC on 9/11. If not, how else can you explain Obama saying in Istanbul a few weeks ago that he wish to see Turkey joining EU and strengthening Islam's role in Europe. As if he thinks just by exercising his presidential prerogative and power Europe will have to obey him and accept Turkey. However, one or two days after Obama's speech, Presidents Merkel and Sarkozy in no uncertain terms rejected Turkey's membership of EU.