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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ball of Confusion

There are very few heroes in the sordid tale of Emory University and Grady Hospital however I believe Ron Marshall is one of them. He has graciously let me re print an editorial he recently wrote. So, without further adieu...

Here we go round the campaign bush, the every four year dance that has us all fooled in to believing something new is going to happen if you vote for me, no me, no me. There was a song that said “vote for me and I’ll set you free, rap on brothers’ rap on”. With this political race coming around and the same old faces are bubbling up. Where have they been the last four years? Most having the same old connections means we are going to have the same old results. I wonder how many churches will have to be built before one step’s up and comments to saving our communities instead of seeing who can attract the larges congregation or be the most popular. Change your efforts please. Why haven’t these vital community resources gotten together and tried to find a solution to the crisis that has our communities spinning away into a tornado of self-destruction.

Why are we trying to save hospitals and educational facilities when it should be a way of life to have them with services that improve the quality of our lives? If your sheep are sick then they do not produce good wool. Has the sheep herder been keeping the sheep sick and in the dark so they do not question him? Why are we being stonewalled from finding out what our public money is being used for. Emory, Grady, PDK, and Marta secrets have paralyzed open and transparency laws and it seems the thought of having a Sunshine Law is a fraud.

What happen to parenting? How do we sit back and watch our children fail in the schools. Then, let the school system itself be a failure and more recently have our children fail in life and not riot before our commissions or our representatives? We all just jump on the band wagon, the one that everyone seems to hang on to for dear life when there race has the reigns. Where are the independent thinkers? You can’t pray for them to show up.

If not having water teaches us one thing it is we all need the same things and will die if we don’t have them. We must share our resources and preserve what’s left. Remember Easter Island? They used up everything and did not survive their paragon. We took away the Native Americans’ belief that if respect the earth and each other it will give us a future. They also say our children are us. Now a days the parents and churches are teaching you must make riches and use plenty of our nature resources in the name of wealth. Who are you praying to?

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