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Sunday, August 13, 2017

White House now involved in Beckley VA investigation

The article is here. 

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Anonymous said...

My husband was in the Beckley VA..he passed while he was in there...the whole ordeal concerning his death was fishy to me..he went in talking all at once he became very sick he was in there for a month...we was told he had colon cancer in the 4th stage...he did his stool samples but they told me they were always can that be he had a tumor as big as a orange..they found that after it was too late...they never did any test to determine if he had cancer and he complained about his stomach all the husband was injured while fighting in the Vietnam war..he got a purple heart..they finally did do 2 colon test during the month he was in the hospital and the surgeon told me he figured he was in the 4th stage of cancer...there is more to this story..I am now without a husband because they did not do the proper test to save his life...SMH