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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Gorcyca Appoints Disgraced Lawyer

The article is here


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't this so called reporter get the facts straight in any of his ramblings? Especially in the Instance of the Carrington case? The comments that "Dr Heller never interviewed Carrington" about her drug use is the furthest thing from the truth. There was a 60 plus page forensic report prepared by Dr. Heller after interviewing Carrington on at least ten occasions that she in fact has a drug problem proven through pharmaceutical records even though she rescinded access to half of her pharmaceutical records. How can any rational or intelligent person even read this hogwash or how can a so called reporter print something without all of the facts from both sides? Am I missing something? Was the father ever interviewed before you ran to print solely on the basis of promoting your non existent career? It's truly a travesty when someone who doesn't know what they are talking about continuously backs a pathological liar. You should be ashamed of yourself and begin to report the truth.

mike volpe said...

What does your rant have to do with the article published?

As for your comment, which has nothing to do with this article, I asked for comment from Dr. Heller about the allegation and even read off the allegation as it was made by her lawyer, not Susan Carrington, and Dr. Heller's office had no comment. I would look up the term gas-lighting as that is what you are engaged in.