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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Check Cashing to Card better alternative

Check Cashing to Card better alternative
by Josef Toth
The most important key in developing a good prepaid product is to develop a better alternative then the services being offered by check cashers.
A typical check casher in the under banked world has a tough experience and high fees. Here is an example.  As quoted from the Green sheet by DeDios, a native of Jalisco, Mexico.
“Every Week I would go with my father to the check cashing outlet to get his compete paycheck cashed,” she said. “Then we would go somewhere else to buy money orders. And we would give those to the utility companies. Sometimes we’d have to drive there to make the payments.”
“And then we would go to a local grocery store that ha a money transfer service. And that’s when we would use to send money back to my grandma back in Mexico. So that was an expensive venture.”
Therefore, we at I Solutions feel our check to card program when packaged together with our Prepaid and Bill payment is a superior and economical solution for the under banked population here in the United States.
Our Program allows customers to cash Payroll and government checks to a Prepaid Card at reasonable rates. In addition, customers can pay their bills and use international cross border payment systems to lower their fees tremendously from the old system of doing this.
The Avg customer is saving over $792 annually from using these types of systems.
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