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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Wants an Investigation into the Ground Zero Mosque

No, it's not about the funding for the Mosque. Instead, Speaker Pelosi wants to investigate those that are funding the opposition to the Mosque.

The house speaker is calling for an investigation into groups protesting the building of the Ground Zero mosque.

"There is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some," she told San Francisco's KCBS radio on Tuesday.

Pelosi added that she joins "those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded."

Many Republicans have said they are against the building of the mosque, and have demanded Democratic candidates and incumbents to publicly choose a side.

Just think, some are concerned about who's behind the funding of the Mosque. That's not what Nancy Pelosi is concerned about. Instead, she's concerned about who's funding the opposition.

Here, I thought the opposition was spontaneous and organic. Pelosi must think that 64% of the population is being driven and funded by a secret group all behind the scenes. Talk about a conspiracy theory. Somehow, a secret group of wealthy bankers was able to fund an opposition that has turned into a grass roots opposition. I'd like to know their marketing guru.


Anonymous said...

I believe what needs investigation is the force behind it, and the source of funding.
If she does not believ it is a political issue, then she is not on top of the political arena.

AG said...

Well you can't blame her. Far too often you find conservative activist groups as the beneficiary of a small handful of megadonations from the superwealthy. Karl Rove's "shadow RNC" has received the entirety of its funding from only 4 billionaires, for example.

That being said, relentless pressure from the ultra-right has intensified the schism in the Democratic Party. You now have the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader taking diametrically opposed stands, and the President making failed half-measures to show some semblance of leadership. On top of that, now you've got the DCCC giving $1 million to a Blue Dog in Arizona whose spent it on campaign advertising denigrating another Arizona Democrat for being in the Progressive Caucus.

This is truly no way to run a political party.

mike volpe said...

I don't think the "ultra right" is driving this.this statement by Pelosi is very looney and an attempt to deflect from the mess Obama created.

xformed said...

Wow...conspiracies abound! Funny, for years, the Clinton's pushed "The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" when they got caught and regular people were upset, and in the last few months, we find out a bunch of journalists actively collaborated to "present" "news" (quotes used on purpose to make a point). Now, all of a sudden, when people object to a center, being built by a man who has indicated he thinks America is to blame for the most horrific attack on America soil in our history, and our "leaders" think those people should be investigated for who is funding them, like they aren't smart enough to think of this outrage by themselves.

Burning towers with people B.A.S.E. jumping without parachutes is enough reason for outrage, yet....all of a sudden it's against The Constitution to suggest Islam is not merely a religion, but, in fact a complete life "system" of religion, governance and law all melded into one concept, which...surprise, surprise! has two of those three parts that are in opposition to The Constitution.

If anyone isn't taking this seriously, it's the Democrats and left side of the aisle people, who have been intellectually lazy and not studying the issues, or the "religion" that is not just a religion (which also is anti-human rights in a big way. Ref: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, shall I continue?).

A few days ago, I saw "anti-Islam is the new anti-Communism." Wrong! "anti-Islam is the new Communism" from the way the neo-McCarthyites, like Nancy Pelosi, want those who oppose it treated.

Oh, and BTW: Communism was a bad idea that violated human rights and killed people by the hundreds of millions in Russia, China, Korea and SE Asia. I believe it was a good thing to oppose it.