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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Watcher's Council Submissions

Council Submissions
Mere Rhetoric - Israeli Missile Defense Group Emphasizes Need, Technological Feasibility Of Anti-Missile Systems
Right Truth - God’s Will
Joshuapundit - Obama: ” Screw Kentucky”
The Colossus of Rhodey - Lawyer: OK for prez to ditch Constitution if he’s “popular”
Bookworm Room - President Obama and Executive Power
The Razor - Musings over Forms and Schedules
Rhymes With Right - My Stimulus Proposal
The Glittering Eye - Three Thoughts About the Obama Administration
Cheat-Seeking Missiles - Calling All Conservative Attorneys!
Bookworm Room - What a cigarette will tell you about a man
Soccer Dad - The no-state solution
Non-Council Submissions
Submitted By: Mere Rhetoric - MEF Policy Forum - Obama and a Settlements Freeze
Submitted By: Right Truth - Chesler Chronicles at Pajamas Media - Octuplets: A Frankenstinian Moment in Modern Obstetrics
Submitted By: Joshuapundit - Judea Pearl, Wall Street Journal - Daniel Pearl & the Normalization of Evil
Submitted By: The Colossus of Rhodey - City Journal - The DNA of Politics
Submitted By: Bookworm Room - Wall Street Journal - Daniel Pearl and the Normalization of Evil
Submitted By: The Razor - Middle East Strategy At Harvard - Behind the Blow-out at Davos
Submitted By: Rhymes With Right - The Anchoress - More Ice Storm & More
Submitted By: The Glittering Eye - Right Wing Nut House - IF GOVERNMENT MAKES LIFE EASIER, DOES THAT MAKE IT BETTER?
Submitted By: Cheat-Seeking Missiles - Israel National News - Letter to Gaza Citizen: I Am the Soldier Who Slept in Your Home
Submitted By: Bookworm Room - Crossing the Rubicon - I am the soldier who slept in your home — must read
Submitted By: Soccer Dad - Yaacov Lozowick’s Ruminations - Generational Rage

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