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Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Cynical View on Sally Quinn

I watched the O'Reilly Factor last night in which Sally Quinn did a mea culpa, or in my opinion a pseudo mea culpa.

(please note this is only a partial transcript)

Some conservatives are lauding this mea culpa, however I am going to take a much more cynical line. Here is the part that most conservatives focus on.

I thought that she was amazing. in her speech. She was funny and smart and poised and confident. She gave a great speech, beautifully delivered. I think she is going to be a formidable opponent. all of that I think is — I was wrong about her. and I didn’t know anything about her. I probably didn’t know any more than John McCain did a few days before he picked her.

Now, first, she can't resist the dig on McCain. It's as though he picked her name out of a hat and struck gold rather than doing the leg work the MSM refuses to credit him for. Still, if you watch the entire interview, the only thing that Quinn credits Palin for is her amazing speech. Well color me unimpressed, since Quinn still says she isn't ready for the Vice Presidency, and she continues to insist that the demands of motherhood are too much for Governor Palin. Furthermore, in a fit of extreme hubris, Sally Quinn says that had McCain chosen Romney, Lieberman, or Kay Bailey Hutchison, then "those would have been choices everyone would have said those people are experienced and ready to take over". Now, when Quinn says "everybody, what she really means are folks like her.

So, in other words, all Quinn did was acknowledge the obvious. Palin delivered an amazing speech. This admission is rather startling really. What the admission says is that she didn't think that Palin could even do that prior to the speech. Yet, she still holds out the position that Palin should not run for Vice President because of "demands of family" and she still holds out herself and her MSM colleagues as the standard bearers of experience and knowledge. Like I said, color me cynical in this "mea culpa".

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