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Friday, May 2, 2008

McCain and the C Word

The left blogosphere was buzzing about this exchange. John McCain was asked a rather inappropriate question and the left went haywire. Here are some samples.

At a town hall forum in Iowa yesterday, Sen. John McCain was asked about a story from Cliff Schecter's controversial recent book, The Real McCain, which alleges that during a 1992 campaign stop, McCain angrily called his wife a "trollop" and a "c**t" in front of aides and reporters.

Marty Parrish, a business owner in Des Moines, told OffTheBus's Keith Dinsmore
that he asked McCain about the incident because he's concerned about how McCain's temper could impact his leadership.


Today an audacious member of a McCainiac townhall audience Iowa finally asked McCain "the question." It was a query he has been able to avoid so far, simply by besmirching my character and hiding behind his bevy of underpaid hacks. Did he or did he not refer to his wife with an expletive in 1992 in front of the press and male aides of his, as I reported in my book The Real McCain? Well, today McCain's media holiday on this subject came to end, with an everyday person taking democracy into their own hands and asking him to answer for his behavior. Not that he would lower himself to being held accountable -- it was at best a non-denial:

The story only gets juicier from there. The left blogosphere identified this gentleman as a "Baptist Minister".

Clive businessman Marty Parrish was escorted from Sen. John McCain's town hall meeting by Des Moines police and members of the Secret Service after asking McCain if he had called his wife Cindy an expletive in 1992.

Parrish, an ordained Baptist minister who holds a master's degree in political science, was questioned by Secret Service agents before being released. He was not charged in the incident. Parrish asked whether McCain called his wife Cindy an expletive related to the female anatomy, as has been alleged in the book "The Real McCain," written by Dem strategist Cliff Schecter.

Of course, that is a distortion of who he is. The right blogosphere did some investigating of their own. It turns out this individual is not only a former campaign staffer of Joe Biden but also a current supporter of Barack Obama.

The MSM has made little to no mention of this and so far there is no reaction by the left blogosphere to this latest development.