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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care and Immigration Reform

Luis Guitierrez, the Congressman from Illinois, recently switched from a no to a yes on health care reform. Guitierrez was against the Senate's version because it didn't allow illegals to buy insurance on the exchange even with their own money. He switched from a no to a yes because he says that he's been given a commitment by President Obama to push hard for comprehensive immigration reform.

"I've spent the past week speaking at length with the President and his staff. In fact, I spoke with him again just this morning. I shared with him that I believed that we could have a victory for every American who deserves affordable, high-quality health care and for the immigrants of our nation.

"I told President Obama I would not sacrifice either goal. After extensive discussions with the President, I believe we have a health care bill I can vote 'yes' for, and I believe we have a commitment to move forward on a comprehensive immigration reform package as soon as possible.

Immigration reform is about to be introduced by Democrat Chuck Schumer and Republican Lindsey Graham.

Our plan has four pillars: requiring biometric Social Security cards to ensure that illegal workers cannot get jobs; fulfilling and strengthening our commitments on border security and interior enforcement; creating a process for admitting temporary workers; and implementing a tough but fair path to legalization for those already here.

So, Gutierrez is supporting this bill on the faith and hope that the president will help push the Schumer/Graham immigration reform package or something similar. Of course, there's already a hurdle. Graham says there is no immigration reform if health care passes.

The first casualty of the Democratic health care bill will be immigration reform. If the health care bill goes through this weekend, that will, in my view, pretty much kill any chance of immigration reform passing the Senate this year,” Graham said in a statement blast-emailed to the Washington press corps.

Frankly, President Obama has used up all his political capital on health care reform. The country is tired, the legislators are tired, and most of all their staffers are exhausted. No one has the energy for a bruising fight. Some have gone to speculating that Obama will try and ram his entire agenda through on reconciliation: cap and trade, financial reform, education reform, and immigration reform. I wish them luck.

Obama got Gutierrez' yes vote and Gutierrez got a vague promise that amounts to nothing.


Brittanicus said...

Even industrialized nations have no leniency for people who shun the law. Politicians--our elected civil servants are supposedly acting in the name of the majority of the American people. When in actual fact, they enact laws on behalf wealthy businessmen, who can pay them the most money. It should be remembered that this clump of mostly corrupt legislators were attorneys, before they joined the wolf pack in Washington. They may have had sincere intentions, to originally carry out the publics wishes. But somewhere down the line they were corrupted by the lobbyists, swarming by the cartload on the Capitol buildings like copious flies, their wallets stuffed with money and favors? Only Americans and legal residents should have a right to assemble, not foreign nationals in rallies demanding rights. Its a sure to infuriate the millions who have waited years patiently to receive an entry visa.

They are probably are asking themselves why bother with laws, when you can slip through a non-existing fence in some places. Perhaps they should recognize, that they don't have to cringe in the shadows, because they didn't violate the immigration laws. We have become soft as a nation and have let the business community and open border groups intimidate us. Its not these entities that pay for these people that they hire? Its the American taxpayers who carries the the whole and complete financial weight of the extra subsistence for these illegal aliens. Join this historic war against unrestrained illegal immigration, DIMINISHING RESOURCES, CROWDED HIGHWAYS, FAILING INFRASTRUCTURE, OVERPOPULATION GROWTH at have?) Discover the corruption in Washington at Make your vote known at the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121

Brittanicus said...


The administration had better take notice of the American people, specially in border states that have been invaded by illegal trespassers. That is not saying that a hundred percent of illegal alien families that have poured across our sovereignty fence line Millions of other law breakers have either thrown away their return airline tickets, or just let their entry visa expired to take up illegal residents here. None of this should be tolerated? If it was in my power I would implement Mexico's strict immigration laws, which are--ENFORCED Unlike our country, that has been jettisoned by years of greed. Politicians have remained the lap-dogs of corporate welfare, even as they play lip-service to pacify the people who have urged physical enforcement through many Presidents. Unfortunately if Amnesty gets the votes, E-Verify, local police detainment, ICE raids and everything else in the enforcement arsenal, will become obsolete. Those already here can then bring in their extended family, which mean just calculating the numbers already here and it will at least triple.. And before the CIR is even signed millions more will try to to dodge detection and will become the next layers of illegal immigrants, who will bankrupt every state and county looking for free handouts. We need superior skilled workers, not people that end up in the welfare line or on church doorsteps. IF AMNESTY PASSES, FAMILY UNIFICATION WILL BRING INTO THIS COUNTRY IRREVERSIBLE MILLIONS MORE. SOMEWHERE IN ACCESS OF 60 TO 70 MILLION.

America is in crisis mode, from the unceasing flow of destitute foreigners who have swamped the welfare system. Proponents keep repeating that their-ONLY-here to work, "Jobs Americans wont do..?" It's proved to be a bitter lie.This has just been pure propaganda by just noting the sudden appearance of US citizens and residents for vacant jobs. Shown after the raids at meat packing plants in the hinterland. It's been repeated time and again, that Americans cannot survive on the pittances that greedy businesses will pay illegal hiring.

I don't know how the Amnesty is going to go over should it pass, as out-of-work Americans might turn ugly. For sure all Democrats and Republics will be sacrificed, at the midterm and in November elections Any kind of pardon for people who ignored our laws, could cause unrest and even riots of millions of Americans, before they march on Washington. When 15 million Americans have lost their jobs with no ending in sight and cannot put food on the table for their kids and spouses it might cause massive protests The population are seething with anger over health care, an illegal US census, which enumerates illegal immigrants who should not even be here? Then we have this Amnesty travesty, that will give an absolutely free reward to people who ignored the "Rule of Law". Those who have a right by birth to be here, or by the generosity of THE PEOPLE are allowed to immigrate here. But illegal immigrants are allowed to give the finger, yet given a golden stipend. For the same violation Americans would be imprisoned for breaking the law in Mexico or other countries